Consultancy: Our consultancy service is suitable for one-off garden issues such as plant selection and for fine-tuning parts of your garden. Or maybe you want to lay some pavers or build a retaining wall yourself and just need some professional advice. Consultancy involves site visits to provide ideas or solve garden problems. Advice can be provided ‘on the spot’ or as a written report.

Cost: $60 per hour inc. GST (minimum 3 hours including travel).

Design: If you’re planning on creating a new back or front garden or both, then a design plan is recommended. A good design will mean your garden will look better be more functional and practical and save you money. It allows you to see and change any ideas before their set in concrete.

We offer a range of designs to suite individual needs. The design process starts with an initial consultation to discuss your requirements and ideas and for us to survey the site. We then draw up a ‘concept plan’, which is a first draft. This allows you to further discuss and refine the design before completion. In some cases a concept plan may be all you need. From this stage we then draw up a final plan, which can be as detailed as you require. You may want plant schedules, lighting design, irrigation and drainage designs, we will guide you in what your overall design requirements are. In some cases we will recommend a landscape architect.
Cost: $60 per hour inc. GST. The total design cost will vary depending on factors such as the overall size of the landscape, the complexity of the elements involved and the detail required. Clients who have site plans of their property will reduce their surveying costs. An average ‘concept plan’ will cost approx $500.

Construction: The most important stage of your landscape. When building a house you start with good foundations, when creating a landscape you to must start with good foundations. Whether it be getting the soil right for planting or the base for paving it all starts form the ground and in some cases below the ground.

What we provide

A free detailed, itemized quotation This allows you to budget and schedule works over a period of time and compare prices with other landscapers.

Quality workmanship and attention to detail. All our staff are qualified landscapers or undertaking their landscape apprenticeships. With over 18 years in business we have an enormous experience in all aspects of landscaping including the following;

Design – Excavation - Paving – Retaining Walls – Water Features – Stone Walls – Rock Placement - Irrigation – Garden Lighting – Plant selection and Planting – Instant Turf – Synthetic Turf – And Much More.

We have a great network of other trades including electricians, plumbers and carpenters so when a specialized service is needed we can recommend or organize this for you.

Our staff have a strong focus on customer support and we don’t sub-contract work out, we are there from start to finish creating a beautiful garden for you to enjoy for years to come.

Maintenance: Whether you have just created or have an existing garden, as it grows so does its value. It can be quite expensive to replace large shrubs or trees and regular maintenance can help avoid these tragedies. Our qualified staff can look after your plants by pruning, feeding, identifying and treating pests and diseases, checking and servicing your irrigation system and topping up your mulch etc. when needed. We recommend four visits a year and most maintenance jobs are done in a day. This means all you have to worry about is enjoying your garden.

Cost: $55.00 pp per hour inc. GST.+ tip fees and machine hire if needed.